Student Experience

by Wambui Emelda (Wan Moyi)

The Chinese bridge competition on 2018 was well celebrated and we underwent different process before qualifying to participate in the competition, during the competition and even after the competition.
Prior to the competition our class teachers announced to us about the competition and the steps required to qualify to be a participant. Being a 2nd year student , Miss Wang Yuan announced to us of the auditions that were to take place on 2018/04/12.With the incentives of being considered as one of those to join in the summer camp that would be held in China and the gifts to those who’s qualified the numbers was good despite the continuing strike. I think the audition was fair.
During the process of preparing for the competition. We would meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Each student was assigned a teacher which I believe was a good initiative. We however shared a common teacher to teach us about the question and answer part of the competition. It will be appreciated if in future the question and part will be availed earlier and the training of the question and answer part be given as much importance as the rest.
During the competition, we the competitors were well taken care of. Upon arriving in Nairobi, we were able to practice with the help of our able and willing teachers. The teachers were assisting us before and even after we performed always encouraging us. We hope to represent you better next time. The accommodation was perfect.
It was clear the advantage our competition institution had over us was practice and experience. It will be appreciated if next year we can start practicing earlier the talent part of the competition. Also it will be greatly appreciated if the learning about China history and geography can be included in the curriculum.
In conclusion the competition was learning experience .We appreciate the effort that our teachers put in. We are grateful for the support of the Confucius institute.

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