Student Experience

by Jerusha Kones (Ye Shuhua)                   

The Chinese bridge competition held in the University of Nairobi on 11th May was a success. I want to thank the Confucius Institute at Moi University for giving me an opportunity to take part in the competition.

yeshuhua pic1
The competition gave me an opportunity to learn more about the Chinese language and culture. It also gave me exposure by competiting with other students of Confucius Institutes in Kenya.
The training session was a success with the great help from our dedicated teachers, right from being taught the tones to the talent.
The most challenging part of the training was how to master the question section, there were a lot of questions on the Chinese language and culture and I had little knowledge on the same. I also encountered a challenge in getting the tones right having learnt the language for a short period of time.
I advocate that Chinese culture be taught in the syllabus so as to easen grasping of the knowledge of the culture in the question section, the teachers should be teaching us Chinese songs and dances during free time so that students can be familiar with the same.
I want to appreciate the teachers for their support and friendly attitude towards us during the training upto the competition day. Such opportunities provided by our Confucius Institute improve our learning and understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

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