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Textile Featured for Chinese Language and Culture

On November 22, 2021, the 2ndTextile Featured for Chinese Language and Culture" Online Group Exchange Program for Kenya was held. This online exchange program continued the first Program, expanded and innovated in the content of the course, and further enhanced the content of the course. 70 students from Moi University in Kenya signed up for the program. Language courses include campus Chinese and Chinese costume.

The live classes covered practical topics such as time management, daily travel, sports, shopping, and COVID-19 prevention. Student Peng Kunyu, said that by learning daily Chinese language knowledge, he knew how to greet others, how to introduce himself and his family and hobbies. Through these classes, his spoken Chinese has been greatly improved.

pic1(Live Classes)

In the class between Chinese and Kenyan students, the teachers from Donghua University conducted in-depth exchanges on topics such as hometown and family members, hobbies and sports, shopping methods, and daily transportation. It was an interesting and meaningful experience. The teachers and students established deep friendship.
During the lecture on Chinese culture, teachers prepared cultural activities for the students. In the lecture on cross-cultural communication, Mr. Zhou analyzed the cultural differences in different cultures with the students based on his personal experience in working in Kenya and introduced the basic concepts and correct methods of cross-cultural communication. In the introduction of Chinese traditional costume culture and traditional festivals, Mr. Lu introduced historical stories to students and the changes in Chinese costumes and the origins of traditional festivals such as the Chinese Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. In the lectures on Chinese traditional music and musical instruments, Miss. Zhu performed guzheng, which made students have a greater understanding of Chinese folk music.

pic2(lecture on Chinese culture)

In addition, to live classes, the language and culture experience courses for Kenyan group students are launched on the Chinese Bridge online experience platform. All students who are interested in Chinese and Chinese culture can join the courses on the website. This course is characterized by Chinese for cloth design, including language learning, cultural experience, and traveling in Shanghai. Language courses include campus Chinese and costume Chinese. Cultural experience courses include Chinese clothing cultural elements, such as learning to make Chinese knots, sachets, and Chinese knot buttons; there is also the experience of Chinese cuisine, such as learning to make dumplings, learning to make Moon Cakes, and learning to smashed cucumbers. Visitors to Shanghai include the Bund and Town God's Temple, Shanghai Museum, and Shanghai Textile and Costume Museum. The whole course lasts more than 200 minutes. The student Ma Xue said, These courses not only improved her Chinese proficiency but also let her understand what real China is like. She hoped that she would have the opportunity to visit China in the future.


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The online Chinese Bridge program was short but substantial. After the closing ceremony, the students expressed their gratitude for the program in the Whatsapp group. "This is a beautiful and unforgettable experience," said student Tian Mutai.

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• The Chinese Bridge Online Group Exchange Program provides a platform and opportunity for learning and using Chinese language, experiencing Chinese culture, and understanding the development of textile and apparel culture during the special period of the epidemic.

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