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Charity Sale: ‘Change in Your Hand, Change in Their Lives’

On 7th July 2019, Confucius Institute at Moi University (CIMU) held a charity sale at Rupa Mall. Through Chinese songs, martial arts, calligraphy, tie dye and other elements, they showcased the rich, colorful and profound Chinese culture.

Preliminary work
In June this year, CIMU held a cultural exchange on textile and clothing, and launched a half-month activity with the theme of "Silk Road''. Classes were both opened at Rivatex East Africa Ltd and Turbo Girls High School, which exhibited Chinese Silk Art, traditional folk art and Chinese clothing culture. The end of the event took the form of a charity sale and all the money would donate to the local homeless children.

pic1 Volunteer teachers and Turbo Girls High School students

The day of the event
The charity sale was divided into two parts: cultural performance and charity sale. The performance started with the song "Manual of Youth" by the Turbo Girls High School students. The students and the audience interacted closely and made the stage warm up quickly. Then Wang Xiaolong presented a wonderful show “Monkey King” to show the martial art, which attracted waves of praise. Dressed in a Chinese classic Qipao, Ma Run sang the Chinese song "Riding on a White Horse" to the audience. After that, Ou Han played the guitar to sing "Chengdu”, and textile factory staff brought the song "Jambo" in Chinese version ,the atmosphere reached a climax.

pic2Singing performance by Rivatex staff

The bazaar booth was divided into two sections, one for sale and the other for cultural experience. The finished section was filled with hand-made bracelets, earrings, sachet, Chinese knots and Chinese fans. On the experience area, teachers gave the audience Chinese names on the spot, and taught the students how to write Chinese characters by brush.

pic3Chinese knot

When visitors came to the booth, they couldn't help but stop for the wonderful Chinese fans, and volunteer teacher Li Chen combined Chinese calligraphy with local Kenyan art on these fans by the creation of Kenya's representative animals such as elephants, lions.
In addition, the traditional Chinese tie-dye dress and the wormwood sachet were highly praised by the visitors, who were interested in inquiring about the Chinese names, cultural connotations and ways of using each item.
During the event, CIMU used banners, posters and brochures to show the theme to the audience, as well as the various aspects of the Confucius Institute in recent years, to attract people to learn more about Chinese language and culture. And some people with interest directly donated money to the children. In addition, a Nairobi police expressed deep concern and offered to donate corn to the needy children.

pic4Volunteer teachers and visitors

Future prospects
This is the second charity sell since 2016, which calls for people to help local homeless children. At the same time, we will also enhance exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations through cultural presentations and enhance the friendship between the Chinese and Kenyan people. In the future, the institute will continue to develop with the characteristics of textile and clothing, strive to build a platform for cultural exchange between China and Kenya, promote interaction and exchanges between CIMU and the local people, and deepen local people's understanding of Chinese Culture.

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