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The Opening Ceremony of the Short-term Program at Turbo Girls’ High School

On 19th June 2019, teachers and students of Confucius Institute at Moi University (CIMU), and Donghua University volunteers held the opening ceremony of a short-term training program on Chinese Silk Culture at Turbo Girls’ High School.
The short-term training program on Chinese Silk Culture started on June 19th and will end on July 7th. The training program was also opened at Rivatex. In order to enhance cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Kenya, especially in the field of clothing and textile, CIMU, which specializes in textiles and clothing, offers free training courses in appreciation of Chinese silk culture and traditional Chinese handicraft making for both training points. The course is taught by volunteers from Donghua University. The content of the course is designed with emphasis on practice. It aims to deepen Kenyan students’ understanding of Chinese silk and traditional culture and know the spirit of the Silk Road. In addition, the program also offers basic Chinese language courses, taught by volunteer teachers from CIMU, aimed at improving students ‘understanding and interest in Chinese language and culture.

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Turbo Girls’ High School is a public girls' secondary school, which located in Turbo town in western Kenya, 30 kilometers away from CIMU. Prof. Peter Simatei, Foreign Dean of CIMU, is the Chairman of its school board. On the day of the opening ceremony, Peter Simatei introduced CIMU and the project, appealing for students’ active participation; Zhou Lei, a public teacher of CIMU, told students that the exchange of different languages and cultures could help people to understand each other and reduce the misunderstanding and prejudice among people from different countries by his own experience. Wang Xiaolong, a student of CIMU, performed the Chinese Kungfu "Monkey King”, getting a lot of applause. 

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After the opening ceremony, volunteer teachers from Donghua University, Zhou Jia and Li Chen, and Yan Chang from CIMU, began the first class of the project. In the Special Training Course, Zhou Jia made a brief introduction of the Silk Road to students. The students took notes and were very active in the class activity. In Chinese language classes, Yan taught the students Pinyin and simple greetings, and led them to sing a Chinese version of a Kiswahili song Jambo.
In the evening, the opening ceremony and the first class of the short-term program of Chinese Silk Culture Training were successfully ended. The students of Turbo Girls’ High School reluctantly said goodbye to their teachers and said they were looking forward to the next class, wishing to keep learning Chinese language and culture. CIMU hopes to use this short-term project as an opportunity to establish a good partnership with Turbo Girls’ High School, which may become another long-term teaching point for the institute in the near future.



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