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CIMU Chinese New Year Carnival

On 27th of January 2019, seven volunteer teachers arrived at the Moi University’s main campus together with Ms. Zhao Xiaohua, a local Chinese representative in Eldoret, and two representatives from the New South Company. All worked with the students to prepare for the spring activities. Hanging lanterns, pasting couplets and setting up costumes, the scene of our activities had been filled with a warm and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival. The event, which took the form of carnival, was divided into six parts: The chopstick challenge, calligraphy, paper-cutting, making dumplings, guessing lantern riddles and wearing Chinese costumes to say blessings. It aimed to let students get close to Chinese traditional culture and experience Chinese traditional Spring Festival in an immersive way.



The first part was the chopstick challenge. The students needed to use the chopsticks to pick the beans from one plate to another. Although chopsticks were a novelty for Kenyan students, almost all of them mastered how to use them and successfully completed the challenge.






The second partwas calligraphy. Students should use brush to write the Chinese character "福" . In the volunteer teacher's demonstration, the students all smoothly wrote it, and some not only could write neat Chinese characters, but also taught the others.






The third task was paper-cutting. Students had to fold red paper in half. According to the pattern (character spring and animal panda) we had given in advance, they could cut out a beautiful figure. Students were amazed at Chinese papercutting magic in the opening moment.







The fourth task was making dumplings. Under the guidance of volunteer teacher, the students started from making the dough, then quarter it, seal the filling, and cooked them in the pot. In a few minutes, everyone could eat their own unique dumplings.






Fifth task was guessing riddles. 200 riddles hanged under lanterns for the incoming students to choose from. Once students were sure enough, they quickly took off the slips and went to the teacher to answer questions. And those funny little riddles made this place full of laughter.






Last mission was to say greetings. Students changed their favorite Chinese costumes, and said the Spring Festival blessings in front of the VCR loudly. At 4:30 p.m., as the event drew to a close, everyone gathered under the national flag and together shouted in Chinese:新年快乐 Xin NianKuai Lei! Meaning, happy new year.

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