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The Cultural Curriculum of Learning Chinese Songs

img3At 1:00 p.m., on February 24th 2019, all the volunteer teachers of CIMU went to the main campus to teach students Chinese songs.
Volunteer teachers had begun to prepare the selection of songs as early as a week before. After individual selection and collective discussion, in the end, the six songs, "Reluctantly (情非得已)" , "Flying Butterflies (化蝶飞)" , "Farewell (送别)" , "the Most Dazzling National Style (最炫民族风)" , "Learning Cat Meow (学猫叫)" and "Little Apple (小苹果)" , were selected as the teaching program for this Chinese music activity. These songs were both popular and easy to learn, and we wanted to use them to improve students' interest and make them change from "falling in love with songs" to "falling in love with Chinese".

Part 1: WARM UP
Before the formal teaching, the teachers gave each student the printed Pinyin version of the lyrics and the students were quickly mobilized by the dynamic music.
First, Li Chang, a volunteer teacher, organized all the students to learn the lyrics. In order to make the students understand the main idea of the songs, she translated and explained every lyrics word by word. Then, every teacher in charge of several students helped them to sing with instrumentals. In the end, all the students joined in a chorus. Some even danced to the beat. Their enthusiasm lit up the scene, causing passers-by to stop and watch. The charm of the songs and the magic of the Chinese language left a deep impression on the students.
It is the mission and aspiration of CIMU to spread the love of the song into the hearts of every student who is interested in the Chinese language. May the flowers of the Chinese language bloom all over the world!

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