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The record of Chinese bridge in Confucius Institute at Moi University (CIMU)

The 18th Chinese Bridge contest in Kenya was held on the 24th May 2019 at the University of Nairobi. Amid loud cheers and screams, Wang Xiaolong, dressed in a Monkey King costume, stepped onto the podium, his trophy symbolizing the breakthrough of the CIMU's Medal Zero on the Chinese bridge stage. The other three of CIMU's representatives, Ma run, Wan Luo and Ou Han, also won applause and honor for their outstanding performances.
The story began on the afternoon of March 30, when six candidates were selected from 26 candidates. After nearly a month of intensive training, four students, Wang Xiaolong, Ou Han, Ma run and Wan Luo, went through a second round of selection, and finally on behalf of CIMU joining in this competition.


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Arriving in the bustling city of Nairobi, the students were visibly nervous as they stepped onto the stage, but solid training gave them confidence to wipe sweat off and step onto their own stage.
The competition was divided into three parts, the first part was a speech, and the theme was “We Are the World”, four players from the details of life to seeing the big, talked about their own understanding.

Wan Luo starting with the Song "Tian Lu", talked from the Qinghai-Tibet railway to the Chinese and Kenyan workers building roads together in Kenya. Wang Xiaolong started with his favorite movie "First of Fury", expressing the feeling of "brothers from all over the world”. After carefully comparing Kenyan black tea with Chinese green tea, Ma run found out the idea of "the bitter end is sweet" in the tea ceremony communicating the cultures of the two countries. Because of two countries’ food, Foodie Ou han felt "a person's taste should be a little bit wider, a little bit more miscellaneous, the food is so, and the culture should be so”.
They answered the questions after the speech with calmness, as if they had already become China Hands. When they said "I'm from Confucius Institute from Moi University” one by one, the volunteer teachers who accompanied them all the way had a glow of pride in their eyes!
In the third part of the talent show, it was time for the contestants to show off their skills: Wan Luo, dressed in a Tibetan dress, sang "Tian Lu" higher than the Roof Ridge of the world, and Ma Yun Paced onto stage singing the Minnan Gezai Opera in “Shen Qi Bai Ma” perfectly.Ou Han Played “Chengdu” quietly with his guitar, captivating the audience with his magnetic voice. The highlight of the show was Wang Xiaolong's Monkey King. Not only the martial arts action was standard, but also the imitation was vivid. This show directly pushed the atmosphere to the climax.
In the end, Wang Xiaolong won the third prize, Ma run, Wan Luo and Ou Han won the merit award. Not only did CIMU get the best score, but it also broke through zero medal record.
Counselor Wang Xuezheng said in his post-match speech, "the ties between China and Kenya are steadily deepening, and the prospects for cooperation between the two sides are bright.” It is the students of CIMU who are stepping on the tide of the times to continuously meet challenges and embrace opportunities with hard work and struggle, and to realize their passion and dreams.

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