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Cultural Experience Course in the Confucius Institute at Moi University

On April 29, 2019, the Chinese art workshop of the Moi University's cultural experience course was successfully held in the Moi University Annex campus. The event attracted not only registered students of the Moi University, but also leaders and staff of the university. They experienced Chinese paper-cutting and blowing ink plum blossom together.
It was spring in China, and volunteer teachers had chosen the symmetrical Chinese character "春" (which means spring) and the cute panda as templates for the paper cutting. After a lecture by the volunteer teacher Li, everyone was eager to try. Picking up the scissors and red paper, the work came out after a few minutes. Looking at these creations, they all showed a satisfied smile.

panda paper cuttingPanda paper cutting

Plum blossom is a common flower in China in winter and early spring, and a symbol of a gentleman's good qualities. Blowing ink plum flower painting method is simple and easy to learn, the finished product is elegant and pretty. Under the guidance of the volunteer teachers, participants quickly learned how to use drops of ink on the paper to blow out the branches of plum blossom. Some students had a strong ability to imitate and draw great plum blossom quickly; some students used their own imagination and created distinctive works.

Blowing ink1 Blowing ink2

Blowing ink plum flower painting

In the warm sunshine of the Annex Campus, everyone learnt a lot. The last cultural activity of the January-April semester successfully finished. This activity brought us a lot of laughter, and also helped participants develop an interest in the traditional Chinese culture. Next Semester, the cultural workshop will continue.

group photoGroup photo

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