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The First Summer Camp Selection Interview

by Zhou Sijia

On May 26, 2018, the selection interview for choosing first Summer Camp members was conducted in Rivatex.

pic1All candidates and CIMU staff

This selection was carried out basing on several considerations. According to students’ class performance, HSK3 test scores, level of active participation in activities, etc. Every teacher had recommended 3 to 4 students to attend the selection interview. Then the Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at Moi University (CIMU) Prof. Huang Peixi and Director of CIMU Prof. Peter Simatei interviewed all candidates and chose 12 out of 20 students to take part in this year’s Summer Camp, those who were chosen will stay in Donghua University, Shanghai, China from 14th July to 28th July 2018 to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture.

pic2Chinese director of CIMU Prof. Huang Peixi introduced the detail about the Summer Camp to all candidates 

All 20 candidates arrived in Rivatex at 10am. The Chinese Director of CIMU Prof.Huang Peixi introduced details about this Summer Camp to students, and then the selection interview officially began.

pic3Chinese Director Huang Peixi and Director Peter Simatei were interviewing candidate

The interviewers were Chinese Director of CIMU Prof. Huang Peixi and Director of CIMU Prof. Peter Simatei. In the interview process, the two directors inspected all candidates’ proficiency in Chinese language, motivation, health status and whether their family supported them, etc.

pic4Grade three student 孙牧(Samuel Wainaina Mwangi) in the process of being interviewed

When being asked why want to go to China, 孙牧(Samuel Wainaina Mwangi), a grade three student from the School of Information Sciences answered: “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand”. He has been learning Chinese for two years and really hoped that he could step foot in the land of China one day.

pic5Director Peter. Simatei announced the final result

After the interview, the two directors combined the factors such as interview performance, HSK3 test scores and after considerations, a list of 12 candidates was finalized and Director Peter Simatei announced the final result to all candidates.

After being audited by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the 12 students can finally get the chance to attend this Summer Camp and go to China.

The following is a list of the 12 finalists

English name Chinese name School
Vivian Bukhebi 卜薇薇 School of Arts & Social Sciences
Hannington Odido 欧寒 School of Arts & Social Sciences
Machang'a Catherine Nyambura 马凯妮 School of Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management
Njebere Joel Kigio 倪杰 School of Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management
Mukuma Josephine 穆芬 School of Engineering
Sure Eddah 苏丹妮 School of Engineering
Kariuki Jackline 李玲儿 School of Engineering
Samuel Wainaina Mwangi 孙牧 School of Information Sciences
Raynold Tsuma Muse 雷诺德 School of Information Sciences
Richard Okumali 李德 School of Information Sciences
Naomi Wanjiru Gachuhi 王奥美 School of Business & Economics
Jerusha Cheruto Kones 叶书华 School of Business & Economics
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